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Ask a Chap - February

At LYYB the ladies of the business are always pontificating the behavioural traits of the gentlemen they encounter. We decided we’d had enough of their constant and frustrated pondering so LYYB is putting these ever so complex questions to four men a month in a bid to put our lady issues to rest.

Valentines Day, whether you're coupled up or single how does the allegedly most romantic day of the year make you feel? Do you celebrate or dread it? Do you always receive a dozen red roses or does it pass you by without a care? Your thoughts LYYBers.

Michael 28  
I have never had a lot of luck when it comes to Valentine's Day being single for a large proportion of them so far, and seeing happy couples almost giggling with excitement make me reflect on my single status. Although I don't believe you need to be a couple to be happy,
what occurred to me is that, on Valentine's day you can pretty much have free reign to be as flamboyant and make wildly outrageous romantic gestures as people seem ever so slightly more open to the idea of falling love. Which in turn fills me with hope and giddiness at the idea
of happiness.
I always celebrate Valentine's day no matter what, If I am on my own I will treat myself with something special, a little trinket or taking a friend out for a meal (not on Valentine's day that would be strange). I feel it's a day to celebrate love not that your in a relationship, so you can do what the hell you like.
OK love you, bye.

Xanti Tito Xipu, 21
Valentines Day .... There’s no word of a lie it’s a one of them days that makes a person feel a bit warm... but when you are single it is a tad different... I mean you want to be doing all the things that loved up folk do but you cant because you haven’t got anyone special to share that love and romance with. I definitely don’t dread the day, just cause you haven't got a valentine doesn’t mean that you should give up on the chance of finding one, that’s how I see it.

Will Silverside

"This is Will... he's single." What a common and apparently vitally important part of my identity this has become in recent months. I'm just glad that this has replaced, "Hi meet Will... He's gay."

Whilst I've had relationships, I've never actually shared a valentines day with anyone. In some respects, I do dread it. Yes, I am single but am I lonely? My answer, (363 days a year at least) would be no. But every year to some degree I find myself wallowing in self pity over how empty and without meaning my life is. If this was truly how I felt about my life, then I would feel it every day- not just once a year on February 14th.

On the flip side of the coin though, (And sorry to resort to predictable view point) Isn't it just commercialised crap? There's no romance in Valentines Day- It has become about buying cards, flowers and chocolate. There is more to love than that.

I have a good life. I am extremely lucky for what I have. Sure, a boyfriend might give my life something it doesn't know it's missing but until that day, February 14th will continue to disappoint.
Will (I am Soooo Carrie Bradshaw) Silverside

Matt, 27

I'm not a massive fan of Valentine's Day. If you're single it can feel like people are rubbing your face in it, and if you're attached then, depending on how your relationship works, the pressure's on to "be romantic". If you want to go and do something then everywhere's busy and things are more expensive, and it's hard not to come to the conclusion that Valentine's Day as we know it is really just a money-making excercise.

I have had enjoyable Valentine's Days when in a relationship, but that had nothing to do with the day itself. Exchanging cards and so on is fine, but if you really care about someone you should be showing them this all the time, not just on an appointed day of the year. Flowers and chocolates on Valentine's Day? Pretty much what's expected of you. Flowers and chocolates any other day of the year, because you just felt like treating your other half? To me, seems more meaningful.

As a guy, I also feel, rightly or wrongly, that the onus falls on me to "be romantic" and do or organise something, and to me it doesn't feel very romantic or spontaneous if I'm doing it because it's Valentine's Day.

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