Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Ask a bird- February

Here's our ladies answers to this months question. Enjoy..

'Valentines Day, whether you're coupled up or single how does the allegedly most romantic day of the year make you feel? Do you celebrate or dread it? Do you always receive a dozen red roses or does it pass you by without a care? Your thoughts LYYBers.'


I've never really had a valentine - text last year from Mat as I was in Portugal! And year before from my girl friends at college because our boyfriends were knobs! So it's nice to show the people around you - you love them! But I think it's over rated and expensive! Go out on a normal day and celebrate your love! I feel it's pushed on a specific day! Me and Mat go out once a month to celebrate (bit sad I know) I tell Mat, my mum and dad, friends I love them every day so 14th Feb won't be any different - and I'm engaged haha we shall see.


I'm quite romantic but I'm aware of the commercial aspect of it and
I've learned that romance is something that should be a random
feeling/act that just happens when it does! I don't count down the days
(my birthday is 4 days after!), but it's nice to mark the occasion in
our own way, as we are married and it's important to continue making an

We're both far from traditional, so chocs and roses aren't standard
(although I would never complain). We used to buy each other a 'rude'
present on Valentine's Day which meant an annual trip to Ann Summers!
lol We don't fuss over pressies now though, but I've bought my card
already this year.

Twice in the past, we've experienced two VERY LATE take-aways so we've
learned not to bother with take-aways on Valentine's Day any more, and
we think going out for a meal is a bit tacky when everyone else is doing
the same thing. So now we stay at home and surprise each other with a
three-course meal. Last year, I did the starter and dessert and Luke
made the main; this year, I'll do the main and vice versa. It's fun, we
both make an effort and we don't let on what we've done. I'm easily
pleased. ;^) Perhaps romance is basically making an effort and putting
thought into things.

One point I'd like to make though is that I don't think singles should
be maudlin' at home! Single people should be enjoying their own company
and making the most of their time enjoying what they like to do because
you don't know when a partner will come along and introduce that
frustrating word 'COMPROMISE'. Singles shouldn't be left out on
Valentine's Day: use the time to pamper yourself.

When I've been in a relationship, it's often been an opportunity
to have fun with it, I prefer a funny card to a soppy one! I'm not one
for grand gestures. As a single girl who sells her cards and
illustrations online, it's currently an opportunity to sell cards to
lovey dovey couples.

Hmmm it goes by without me even thinking about it and if i do think about it, it makes me feel poo cos it reminds me of my singleton life! ha.. its just another way of getting money out of people for a stupid reason!

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