Monday, 13 February 2012

A role model and a hero

Someone once said to me that they believed the real heroes in life were the people that could face their fears straight on and conquer them. Ever since this someone said that to me I have pontificated over what makes someone a role model or a hero. I have come to the conclusion that it is simply a personal preference. When we’re children we idolise anyone and everyone, especially the rich and famous because as little ones we struggle to look below the surface of a person.

What about as adults? My concern as a moderately well educated individual is that people are picking the wrong sort of role model or hero if you will, you don’t have to be Einstein to see that a vast majority of people even as adults choose people based on appearance, otherwise why would these people and their life styles be so glamorised? Why would people watch reality TV and even go as far as to style themselves in the same way.

I would like people, for just a moment to remember the truest sense of a role model or hero. Someone who has not only done something courageous, but is worth looking up to, someone whom despite everything succeeded and has a tale to tell. They don’t have to be a world renowned scientist or have written an international bestseller. 

As an adult it is still key to have these individuals in your day to day thoughts, you should be thinking to yourself ‘what would ... do?’ or ‘How can I be more like ...’ Even as adults we need role models to remind ourselves that we could be as great as those people one day... perhaps even a role model or hero to someone else. 

My heroes are very much the ordinary kind crossed with a dash of awesome; my granddad for his work ethic and his vast knowledge on everything ever, a lady named El who every time I’m in a sticky situation I think to myself ‘What would El do’ she is an utter lady, Professor Brian Cox for being beautiful and brainy, Carlos Ruiz Zafon for writing my favourite book, Nigella Lawson for being a lady and a sex pot and finally my dad because he is Pete The Beat. 

I asked some people who their heroes and role models are:

Kate Pearson: Lee Miller for Ignoring her childhood and she’s lived my dream life.

@Mtcrowe: Leonardo Da Vinci, Ishmael (Moby Dick), Edgar Allen Poe, My dad, Tina Fey, Sarah Silverman and Bill Murray.

@bookcunt: Roald Dahl... BookCunt 

@penny_loop: @caitlinmoran, CS Lewis, Edith Nesbit, my lovely best friend Eve who is never not lovely no matter how PMS she’s feeling and my dad.

@FRiccardi: Ronnie O’Sullivan (fit) and Joanna Lumley (lovely lady).

@meandmybigmouth aka Scott Pack: Frank Muir... Me and my big mouth 

LYYB wants to know who your role models and heroes are... please comment below.
Emma x

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  1. I admire anyone who has achieved great success, yet manages to keep their heads. I'm in awe of any author who has managed to write, what I consider to be, a great novel. In history, my hero is Leonardo Da Vinci. It might sound cliche, but I've admired him since my childhood. He was such a great thinker.