About us

'The humble beginnings of LYYB'

Co-created by two twenty something’s Emma Davies and Gemma King, these two ladies had a thought one day ... why are all magazines focused on celebrities, fashion and the way things look? They questioned the theory would a magazine work if these things weren’t covered? Do people out there still care about intellectual subjects, humour and honesty?

Gemma and Emma knew deep down in the pits of their stomachs that there are like minded people everywhere who want to read provocative, thoughtful and experience driven articles and therefore LYYB was born.

LYYB tries to explore topical subjects with a sense of humour and the kind of whole-hearted truthfulness that only two eccentric opinionated females can provide you with. 

We're a blogzine that goes back to nitty-gritty journalism without hacking phones and stalking people, we just ask questions and get answers.

LYYB is about creating community journalism that includes everyone from all walks of life.

Emma Davies:
Co-founder and editor of LYYB, studied performing arts, currently making Braille for a living, one day hopes to make a living from writing. Chronic over-dresser, crisp enthusiast, animal lover, far too honest and all round lady.

Hidden talent: can belch on call.
Favourite pass time: singing and dancing round the house.
Twitter : @EmmaTheDavies

Gemma King:
Co-founder and editor of LYYB, has a degree in performing arts, likes to mingle with famous people, social media geek, currently has the vocation of marketing & communications, dabbles in events, likes being creative, loves music and is the official chocolatetaster of LYYB.

Hidden talent: Can do the splits.
Favourite pass time: Going to gigs and pouting.
Twitter: @PrincessGimGamz