Wednesday, 22 February 2012

We’re ENGLISH don’t you know

Well technically we’re not LYYB doesn’t have a country of origin because we’re not a person, but our ladies Emma and Gemma do, they’re English, OK well maybe not technically, they’re a cross range of French, Scottish, Irish, Welsh and English... but the girls call themselves English.
Whilst on their jollies Emma and Gemma struck up a friendship with a lovely puerto rician family, the only downside was that they seemed to know more about their English heritage than they did, and they’re not even from England, the girls were utterly embarrassed and rightly so. We decided at LYYB that the splendid chaps needed to find out about this glorious country and start taking pride in it as sadly more recently many don’t. The Welsh are proud to be Welsh, the Irish are proud to be Irish and the Scottish the same, so why aren’t people patriotic about all things English? Is it because they’re afraid of being labelled BNP or racist? Well hang on a moment you English fools you should be proud, you’ve got a lot to be proud of. 

Emma and Gemma are going to participate in a week long English loving, educational and fun packed adventure. 

We’re SO excited, get out the bunting, dust off the Barbour jackets and make those scones!
Here is the itinerary for English week:
Sunday 15th- 

  • Make English Pack-ups for lunch: Ploughmans, Cucumber sandwich.
  • Watch English films: The Queen, The Kings Speech and Made In Dagenham
  • Eat Crumpets

Tuesday 17th- 

  • Pick up books about English History and read about the war, industrial revolution etc
  • Look Into English arts, music, theatre and artists
  • Make Toad in the Hole
Wednesday 18th-
  • Fish and Chips with Gemma’s Nanna
  • Ask Gemma’s Nanna about England
Thursday 19th-
  • Make Full English Fry Up
  • Read More History books
Friday 20th-
  • Explore English Cultures
  • Bangers and Mash
Saturday 21st-
  • Afternoon Tea at the George
Sunday 22nd-
  • Go For a walk in the woods
  • Go to local pub for a local beer
  • Roast Dinner

After the week is up are the girls converted into the way of the English or will they find it all a bit dull?

Emma’s quote: ‘I really value being English, even though my family background is a mixed bag of Welsh, Scottish and Irish I consider myself English (even though my surname would suggest otherwise). I truly valued this week and everything I’ve learnt. I think it’s a shame that English people are very often ashamed of their heritage,  I worry that we’re worried about being branded bigots or racists just because we’re English but the truth is we have a wonderfully colourful history to be proud of. I think the highlight of the week for me was going for high tea at a truly splendid and grand hotel in Stamford which is about as picturesque as English towns can get, although the idea of some of these activities we participated in seem old fashioned they can be revived for the modern day Englishmen or women. I don’t think I could live on English food though, very stodgy but delicious! I really did enjoy eating English all week, it was also nice to do some proper cooking which people don’t do very often anymore. The traditions I’ll be keeping after all this are; going to high tea more often, continue to learn more about English history and be proud of our culture (even the shameful tacky parts).’

Gemma: ‘ The first thing I realised while participating in this week, was that we had so much to learn and it only captures a smidge of what our heritage/culture is actually about. I am really glad we did this challenge as it opened our eyes to things we take for granted.  I learnt a lot during this week the first, was we don’t have to read big boring history books about our heritage. As a culture we have so much access to things such as the Internet, so why not take advantage of things and explore them. Watch great British films, Google dates in history, visit places, watch videos about Morris dancing on YouTube and talk to your elders and ask questions about the war and ration books, you will be amazed about what you will see and learn. People forget what they have so get out there and start appreciating!  The second thing I learnt from this week is how us British love our food and its great importance in our culture!! ‘You cant beat a bit of home cooking!’ as my Nanna put it.  Yes some the traditional dishes we pile into our mouths are rich in calories, but we should be proud and encourage more home cooking (maybe with some healthier alternatives). Over all the experience was eye opening and its made me egar to learn more.  I think our British heritage is so rich with history and interesting cultural traits we should learn about them and take hold of them before they are lost. After this I can officially that I am proud to be British!   

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Emma's Guide to One Night Stands

Yes I am well aware that this isn’t LYYB’s usual high brow type article, but I do know LYYB loves controversy and more than anything the truth.

I wouldn’t be the rude one if I didn’t spill the beans on some inappropriate slightly uncomfortable subject matter. 

I know for a fact the majority of people I am companions with have engaged in at the very least one of these one night only stands as they are so aptly named, for those of you in denial about what one night stands consist of, it’s no strings sex normally with a complete stranger although it doesn’t have to be, sometimes it’s a mutual need for some pleasure that means you fornicate with another for that simple purpose, basically you shag once and go your separate ways.

The key is in the title ladies and gents, one night, if you sleep with someone more than once you did not have a one night stand nor did you have a few one night stands that simply doesn’t make grammatical sense, you are into a completely different kettle of fish.

I am talking about the one nighters that remain a pleasant or in the case of a few not so pleasant memory. I am not professing to be the ‘One Night Stand’ guru by any means, but recently I’ve heard more horror stories than enjoyment tales.

Being the observant creature I am I have compiled a simple list of do’s and do not’s for those of you who are entitled to your one nighters hassle and horror story free. This is purely for education purposes, I am not about to teach you how to get one nighters or am I saying that one night stands should be your main objectives, but they happen, so deal with it.


Gentlemen condoms please, since when was is it OK for you to stop carrying condoms, my lady pals tell me you’ve stopped carrying, we’re not going to let you stick that in us without them. You have a wallet don’t you, just put one in there, come on at least one. It doesn’t make you look presumptuous. 

Ladies condoms please, just because I’ve said that you should have them too. Enough said.

Enjoy, stop worrying about your flabby bits, size of things and what pants you’ve got on, if you didn’t want to sleep with each other you wouldn’t be there.

Tell someone where you’re going, matter of principle really, especially if this is one of those random stranger one nighters.

Make sure that both parties accept what is happening, not just consensual sex, I mean make sure they are aware this is no strings. This will only land you in hot water if you don’t say so. 

Ask questions, this is one night, you want to enjoy it so do make the effort to find out what the other person likes.

Be generous... this isn’t all about you, there is someone else in the room too, make sure they get the most out of this to. You all know what I mean. 

Do Not’s

Be too intoxicated, confessions aside we all know one nighters usually occur when drunk, if you’re that drunk you should go to your bed alone, not to anyone else’s. 

Inflict extreme fetishes upon your partner unless you have previously stated such. No one wants an out of the blue smack in the face if you haven’t said you like it rough first.

Have un-protected sex under any circumstances, you’re old enough to have sex? Then put something on it. 

Make this out to be something it isn’t, if you like one another outside of the one nighter then make sure you’re being honest, if you aren’t interested in the nicest way let the other person know, DO NOT pretend otherwise. 

Be ashamed of yourself, it happens to the best of us I bet the Queen has had one... at least one.

Be rude about it, if this happens with someone you know, for example in your friendship group, keep it low key. No one likes having their dirty laundry aired. 

Be callous... there is no need to get up and walk away once the deed is done, you’ve both agreed it’s one night only, enjoy each other’s company or have some more hanky panky. What? You’re already naked and there. 

Fake it, what is the point? It’s one night, surely better to say it’s not happening or try something else.

So LYYB and I say have sex, be merry but be sensible. Oh how boring you cry. Let’s have no more shocking one night stand stories then.

Emma x

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

LYYB Goes International...

For New Year we decided we’d take a short break, four days off where we could relax eat food and put our feet up, no such luck for our insane Co-Founders we thought we’d pack them off to France. Oh don’t feel too sorry for them they went to Paris on the Eurostar (hardly Timbuktu).

We struck a deal with Emma and Gemma, they could go on their Paris adventure on one condition, they would write up a wonderfully insightful guide on how to travel as a twosome (we know what you thought when we said twosome) or well how to travel as a couple of English numpties who can’t speak a word of the countries language their going to and have NEVER travelled alone without adult supervision, trust us these two need supervising. 

Emma and Gemma accepted the Parisian challenge and quite frankly why wouldn’t they... next time ladies can we come to?

Emma: ‘I’ve always been on holidays with boyfriends or family so this was the first time I’ve travelled abroad with a friend, It was exciting by nerve wracking all the same time, I knew that I would have to be in charge of the organising and logistics, I’m not afraid to say this is because I like to do the organising. I do speak some French (very little, very badly) so I knew we could get by, I can read and understand it better than I can speak it, there was a lot to remember and planning was key!’

Gemma: 'Going to Paris was a fabulous adventure! With my lack of french vocabulary and knowledge of the culture I felt a bit vulnerable. Next time I will definitely educate myself on the french language/culture so I'll be less dependent on Emma's GCSE french skills and her knowledge of Paris. We saw some amazing things, met some lovely people, had some crazy food ( YES I ate a snail!!! YUK!) and I am very glad we took up the challenge ;-) Bonne annee belles personnes!!'

Emma and Gemma’s Top Travelling Tips
Before You Go:

  • Remember your Passports (No you can’t get on the Eurostar or a ferry without it OR with just a driving license)
  • Pack Toiletries in clear bags, before travelling check with the company what things you are and aren’t allowed to bring on your mode of transport.
  • If the country you’re going to speaks a different language to your own DO NOT assume they will speak English to you. Try and learn some key phrases before you go, especially ‘Do you speak English?’ and ‘I don’t understand’.
  • Buy a map before you go, if the city/place you’re off to has an underground system try and get a map of that too, much easier to get one in English before you go than rock up get one there and not understand the thing.
  • Google Earth your hotel and surrounding area, this is an excellent idea, then when you get there you recognise key things you’ve seen so you don’t get lost.
  • DO NOT pack your suitcase so it is too heavy to move or be lifted *cough cough* Gemma King.

Whilst there:
  • If you’re brave and trying not to splash out use the public transport available, our top tip is if you can’t speak or really read the language change the names of the stations/stops to something you remember, this worked a treat for us.
  • You’re hungry, you don’t speak the language what do you do? Places that offer English menus will have it publicised out front, if you don’t see an English menu or British flag, then you can either man up and give it a go or find somewhere else, eating near tourist attractions means you’re more likely to encounter you’re native tongue but remember this will mean it’s more expensive and busier.
  • Plan your site seeing, if you go to a city with lots of attractions then make sure you plan a sensible route so you don’t find yourself dotted all over and you might get snared up in masses of tourists.
  • Pay attention to when shops, restaurants etc are open, especially in European countries people eat later and shut shops at random times.
  • Use local amenities, we mean use local shops, it’s important for you to stock a few things in your hotel room just in case things don’t go to plan, we recommend you get; some water, a few snacks and tissues.
  • When mingling in foreign countries don’t be silly, especially if you can’t speak the language, don’t think just because someone is offering you a drink or a ride in their car they’re any less creepy than someone doing that in your home town (you’ve all seen taken, extreme but be safe).

We’re glad Emma and Gemma made it back in one piece, next time though ladies can we have more than just a key ring?

You tight ninnies.


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Monday, 13 February 2012

A role model and a hero

Someone once said to me that they believed the real heroes in life were the people that could face their fears straight on and conquer them. Ever since this someone said that to me I have pontificated over what makes someone a role model or a hero. I have come to the conclusion that it is simply a personal preference. When we’re children we idolise anyone and everyone, especially the rich and famous because as little ones we struggle to look below the surface of a person.

What about as adults? My concern as a moderately well educated individual is that people are picking the wrong sort of role model or hero if you will, you don’t have to be Einstein to see that a vast majority of people even as adults choose people based on appearance, otherwise why would these people and their life styles be so glamorised? Why would people watch reality TV and even go as far as to style themselves in the same way.

I would like people, for just a moment to remember the truest sense of a role model or hero. Someone who has not only done something courageous, but is worth looking up to, someone whom despite everything succeeded and has a tale to tell. They don’t have to be a world renowned scientist or have written an international bestseller. 

As an adult it is still key to have these individuals in your day to day thoughts, you should be thinking to yourself ‘what would ... do?’ or ‘How can I be more like ...’ Even as adults we need role models to remind ourselves that we could be as great as those people one day... perhaps even a role model or hero to someone else. 

My heroes are very much the ordinary kind crossed with a dash of awesome; my granddad for his work ethic and his vast knowledge on everything ever, a lady named El who every time I’m in a sticky situation I think to myself ‘What would El do’ she is an utter lady, Professor Brian Cox for being beautiful and brainy, Carlos Ruiz Zafon for writing my favourite book, Nigella Lawson for being a lady and a sex pot and finally my dad because he is Pete The Beat. 

I asked some people who their heroes and role models are:

Kate Pearson: Lee Miller for Ignoring her childhood and she’s lived my dream life.

@Mtcrowe: Leonardo Da Vinci, Ishmael (Moby Dick), Edgar Allen Poe, My dad, Tina Fey, Sarah Silverman and Bill Murray.

@bookcunt: Roald Dahl... BookCunt 

@penny_loop: @caitlinmoran, CS Lewis, Edith Nesbit, my lovely best friend Eve who is never not lovely no matter how PMS she’s feeling and my dad.

@FRiccardi: Ronnie O’Sullivan (fit) and Joanna Lumley (lovely lady).

@meandmybigmouth aka Scott Pack: Frank Muir... Me and my big mouth 

LYYB wants to know who your role models and heroes are... please comment below.
Emma x

Friday, 10 February 2012

1 + 1 = 3?

You may remember Maths lessons at school being a thing of torture. The word “Algebra” may fill you with dread. You may remember thinking, “what is the point of solving these stupid equations? When will I ever need to find the area of a circle to 2 decimal places?”
True, a lot of the content studied at Maths GCSE is abstract, and you may find it hard to relate anything you learnt (and possibly anything remembered) to anything you do today. But several jobs require you to use a spread sheet, and use formulas to budget, predict, or solve problems. You are often required to use your logical reasoning skills to find a solution to a problem. These are all important elements of Maths.

Problem solving and logical skills are important in many jobs, but numeracy is crucial to be successful both at work and at home. In times of economic hardship, it is becoming increasingly important to watch those pennies and budget carefully. When you’re at the supermarket, you need to know whether a third off on one brand is cheaper than four for £5.60. You also need to make sure you’re not getting short-changed at the checkout! Sales shopping may seem like a bargain, but is 20% off better than buying from the internet, including the postage and packaging? How much money will you save switching from a flat rate to a water meter? And when you get a quotation not including V.A.T., how much will you have to pay? You might be a bit reliant on your mobile phone’s calculator, but technology has a tendency to fail us at the moment we need it most.You also might feel a bit silly having to get your calculator out to check the figures at that crucial moment you’re haggling down your costs with a salesman or a client.

You might be thinking that it’s too late. School may have been a long time ago and you might be a bit embarrassed but accepting of being a bit slow with maths. But it’s never too late. You can always improve your basic maths skills with practise.

Here are a few tips to stimulate those mathematical neural pathways in your brain:
Practise: Mentally add up the cost of your shopping as you go round the supermarket. Work out how much change you’re going to get when you grab a few things at the corner shop.Whenever you reach for your calculator, try to mentally work it out.
Times tables: Once you can quickly add or multiply any two numbers less than ten then you have mastered the basics! Practise your times tables in the shower, in the gym, on the way to the bus, in the car, walking the dog, anywhere!
Embrace Technology: Use your phone, pc or games console to help you improve your maths skills, for example:
  • Brain training games on the Nintendo DS
  • Sky Numbers, MathBoard and Math Bingo are three of many apps for the Ipad/Iphone
  • There are plenty of flashgames (aimed at school learners) on the internet that you can play by yourself or with your kids – try                              
  • There are websites designed specifically to help improve adults’ numeracy and literacy, for example

Keep a spreadsheet: Although it does the “maths” for you, you can keep a close eye on your finances, check the numbers and practise using formulas.
Seek Help: If your numeracy skills are affecting your confidence or preventing you from progressing in your career you can go on a course or find a tutor. Find more information on

Written by Julie Dobbs

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Ask a bird- February

Here's our ladies answers to this months question. Enjoy..

'Valentines Day, whether you're coupled up or single how does the allegedly most romantic day of the year make you feel? Do you celebrate or dread it? Do you always receive a dozen red roses or does it pass you by without a care? Your thoughts LYYBers.'


I've never really had a valentine - text last year from Mat as I was in Portugal! And year before from my girl friends at college because our boyfriends were knobs! So it's nice to show the people around you - you love them! But I think it's over rated and expensive! Go out on a normal day and celebrate your love! I feel it's pushed on a specific day! Me and Mat go out once a month to celebrate (bit sad I know) I tell Mat, my mum and dad, friends I love them every day so 14th Feb won't be any different - and I'm engaged haha we shall see.


I'm quite romantic but I'm aware of the commercial aspect of it and
I've learned that romance is something that should be a random
feeling/act that just happens when it does! I don't count down the days
(my birthday is 4 days after!), but it's nice to mark the occasion in
our own way, as we are married and it's important to continue making an

We're both far from traditional, so chocs and roses aren't standard
(although I would never complain). We used to buy each other a 'rude'
present on Valentine's Day which meant an annual trip to Ann Summers!
lol We don't fuss over pressies now though, but I've bought my card
already this year.

Twice in the past, we've experienced two VERY LATE take-aways so we've
learned not to bother with take-aways on Valentine's Day any more, and
we think going out for a meal is a bit tacky when everyone else is doing
the same thing. So now we stay at home and surprise each other with a
three-course meal. Last year, I did the starter and dessert and Luke
made the main; this year, I'll do the main and vice versa. It's fun, we
both make an effort and we don't let on what we've done. I'm easily
pleased. ;^) Perhaps romance is basically making an effort and putting
thought into things.

One point I'd like to make though is that I don't think singles should
be maudlin' at home! Single people should be enjoying their own company
and making the most of their time enjoying what they like to do because
you don't know when a partner will come along and introduce that
frustrating word 'COMPROMISE'. Singles shouldn't be left out on
Valentine's Day: use the time to pamper yourself.

When I've been in a relationship, it's often been an opportunity
to have fun with it, I prefer a funny card to a soppy one! I'm not one
for grand gestures. As a single girl who sells her cards and
illustrations online, it's currently an opportunity to sell cards to
lovey dovey couples.

Hmmm it goes by without me even thinking about it and if i do think about it, it makes me feel poo cos it reminds me of my singleton life! ha.. its just another way of getting money out of people for a stupid reason!

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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Ask a Chap - February

At LYYB the ladies of the business are always pontificating the behavioural traits of the gentlemen they encounter. We decided we’d had enough of their constant and frustrated pondering so LYYB is putting these ever so complex questions to four men a month in a bid to put our lady issues to rest.

Valentines Day, whether you're coupled up or single how does the allegedly most romantic day of the year make you feel? Do you celebrate or dread it? Do you always receive a dozen red roses or does it pass you by without a care? Your thoughts LYYBers.

Michael 28  
I have never had a lot of luck when it comes to Valentine's Day being single for a large proportion of them so far, and seeing happy couples almost giggling with excitement make me reflect on my single status. Although I don't believe you need to be a couple to be happy,
what occurred to me is that, on Valentine's day you can pretty much have free reign to be as flamboyant and make wildly outrageous romantic gestures as people seem ever so slightly more open to the idea of falling love. Which in turn fills me with hope and giddiness at the idea
of happiness.
I always celebrate Valentine's day no matter what, If I am on my own I will treat myself with something special, a little trinket or taking a friend out for a meal (not on Valentine's day that would be strange). I feel it's a day to celebrate love not that your in a relationship, so you can do what the hell you like.
OK love you, bye.

Xanti Tito Xipu, 21
Valentines Day .... There’s no word of a lie it’s a one of them days that makes a person feel a bit warm... but when you are single it is a tad different... I mean you want to be doing all the things that loved up folk do but you cant because you haven’t got anyone special to share that love and romance with. I definitely don’t dread the day, just cause you haven't got a valentine doesn’t mean that you should give up on the chance of finding one, that’s how I see it.

Will Silverside

"This is Will... he's single." What a common and apparently vitally important part of my identity this has become in recent months. I'm just glad that this has replaced, "Hi meet Will... He's gay."

Whilst I've had relationships, I've never actually shared a valentines day with anyone. In some respects, I do dread it. Yes, I am single but am I lonely? My answer, (363 days a year at least) would be no. But every year to some degree I find myself wallowing in self pity over how empty and without meaning my life is. If this was truly how I felt about my life, then I would feel it every day- not just once a year on February 14th.

On the flip side of the coin though, (And sorry to resort to predictable view point) Isn't it just commercialised crap? There's no romance in Valentines Day- It has become about buying cards, flowers and chocolate. There is more to love than that.

I have a good life. I am extremely lucky for what I have. Sure, a boyfriend might give my life something it doesn't know it's missing but until that day, February 14th will continue to disappoint.
Will (I am Soooo Carrie Bradshaw) Silverside

Matt, 27

I'm not a massive fan of Valentine's Day. If you're single it can feel like people are rubbing your face in it, and if you're attached then, depending on how your relationship works, the pressure's on to "be romantic". If you want to go and do something then everywhere's busy and things are more expensive, and it's hard not to come to the conclusion that Valentine's Day as we know it is really just a money-making excercise.

I have had enjoyable Valentine's Days when in a relationship, but that had nothing to do with the day itself. Exchanging cards and so on is fine, but if you really care about someone you should be showing them this all the time, not just on an appointed day of the year. Flowers and chocolates on Valentine's Day? Pretty much what's expected of you. Flowers and chocolates any other day of the year, because you just felt like treating your other half? To me, seems more meaningful.

As a guy, I also feel, rightly or wrongly, that the onus falls on me to "be romantic" and do or organise something, and to me it doesn't feel very romantic or spontaneous if I'm doing it because it's Valentine's Day.

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