Thursday, 1 December 2011

Deck the halls with STI's

Christmas party season is nearly here. The LBD’s are being pressed and the killer heels are being dusted off and we think we speak for everyone when we say we’re all looking forward to the festive season’s shenanigans.

At LYYB we can’t help but think it’s perfect timing for another less festive tradition. We have our cars MOT’d once a year, we celebrate Christmas once a year, hell we even celebrate Halloween once a year, so why don’t we celebrate our health?
We’re not talking colds and coughs, we’re talking sexual. Christmas party season is the perfect time for an STI screening. A few weeks before your party book yourself in at your local GUM clinic [click here for more info] and make sure you have a clean bill of health before all the festivities begin.

With the national statistics for STI’s on the increase [click here for more info] it is becoming an epidemic for local NHS services to keep control of and fight. As sensible mature adults it is our responsibility not just to ourselves but to others to make sure we’re not carrying anything.

To prove here at LYYB we are not just all mince pie and no filling we went and got ourselves tested for the Christmas season.

Gemma’s Quote: ‘Not going to lie, I was completely bricking it!!!!! The thought of a nurse going down there and investigating it with instruments completely made me cringe, but it’s something that needs to be done! There are loads of things in life we don't particularly want to do, but something like this is only TINY compared to the things you would have to put up with if you did contract an STI or worse. After some awkward giggles and closing of eyes the whole ‘procedure’ was quick, pain free and completely professional. The worst bit I found was waiting for the results. They said you should hear (via text) between 1-2 weeks and if you are like me loads of crazy ideas/worries came into my head. However once you get the all clear it’s a great peace of mind! My advice is don't put off having one done, just grow some and do it!’

Emma’s Quote: ‘This is not my first time having an STI test, the experience is never what you would call a joy, I find that you’re always asked lots of questions that you can never really be sure of the relevance, for example whether a partner was casual or regular, after all once is enough to contract something. The clinical procedure for a woman is very simple, quick and pain free (more irritating). I can never understand why people don’t go, sure it’s a little embarrassing but it’s important, I don’t like having my lady garden on show to world as much as the next person but the nurses and doctors who carry out the procedure are professionals, they’ve seen it all before and if you have something else wrong with you you’d want an expert looking at it so why not for STIs?’

Top tips for surviving an STI check up:

1) Take a friend with you!
2) Have all your sexual history in your head before you go in so you can give them accurate answers e.g; whether your partners were casual or regular and be honest about protection. 
3) If it makes you feel better do ‘tidy’ down there.
4) Wear something that can help cover your dignity! if your a girl we definitely suggest a dress or a long top
5) Use the cloth or towel provided to cover your bits.
6) The pill counts as medication so when asked if you take any medication tell them which variety you take.
7) Take the free condoms offered or if they’re not offered ask if you can have some.
8) Organise something fun for after your experience. Even if it’s just a drink.

Here are our top useful STI related websites: you may be eligible for a free Chlamydia test. Although your LYYBers aren’t teens the info from this program is incredible. 

Google ‘C Card’ and your town or city and see if you are eligible for a free card which allows you to pick up free condoms from various locations within your homestead.

So have a very merry Christmas but don’t be a ho, ho, ho … unless you’re clear and protected.

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