Thursday, 1 December 2011

Anything you can do, we can do better 'The COD Challenge'

This is our first 'anything you can do, we can do better' challenge, the idea is that a man, bloke, gentleman or male (whatever you wish to call them) challenges your LYYB co-creators to a 'manly' task, something which ordinarily a guy reckons us ladies are un-capable of completing.

This is a simple idea yes? Said man throws a mission our way with set rules and an invigilator to make sure we pass the test in the correct way and we then write you an amusing account.

In the end we tell you what our consensus is ... did we do it better than a man.

Our first 'anything you can do, we can do better' challenge was set by none other than a Mr Stuart King ... if the surname doesn’t twig that's our very own Gemma's brother.  He tasked us with the some strict instructions to play the game Call Of Duty aka COD

Our invigilator for this task was a good friend and COD expert Iain Bradley.

Here are Stuart's strict instructions:

1. Turn on PS3
2. Set up a new user profile from main menu
3. Load up MW3
4. Set up another controller as controller 2
5. Ensure PS3 is connected to the Internet
6. Start up Multiplayer mode and set up an online profile
7. During the Multiplayer (online) game complete the following tasks:
a. Blow up a vehicle
b. Kill an enemy
c. Get at least one assist
d. Change weapons
e. Crouch and jump
8. Turn off game and PS3

So how did we do???

We can report that both of the LYYB ladies completed the instructions in full (even if it did take a couple of hours)

Emma's Quote: 'After playing COD for over two hours I finally managed to kill someone during an online match, it was thrilling I felt like I was ready to take on the world (of COD). I honestly do see the appeal of this game, the game is 100% geared towards men, which doesn’t annoy me in the slightest. I think that if you have the time to spend on the game, practising online or playing the special Ops I can see how people get really good at it, I think anyone male or female could be awesome at this game, you just need to have a lot of spare time!! I also think that old fable about men not being able to multi task is disproven during this game ... you have to be looking at the map, pressing the correct keys and the whole time making sure some random doesn’t stab you out of no where, I struggled with the hand eye co-ordination involved.'

Gemma's Quote: ‘ I went into the challenge with a negative mind set due to being made to watch it for hours during my uni years. However I ‘maned’ up for this challenge and wanted to prove we can do it to! At first, I was a bit apprehensive when playing and shouted ‘this is barbaric’ a lot when people killed me, but as the hours went on I became more relaxed and got into it. It did take a while to get the hang of shooting, I was frantically pressing the x button to shoot but this is the command to jump ... oops! It was scary how proud I was when I did eventually kill someone! One of the major things I didn't like was just when you thought you were safe, an 80 pointer comes up behind you and stabs/shoots you ... NOT COOL!  In all honesty I can see how people waste a whole day on this game, 2 hours went by so quickly! I shan't be taking up COD as a regular thing, but I am very glad we proved that girls can play this ‘male’ focused game.’

After careful deliberation the general consensus is us LYYB girlie birds can play COD just as good as any bloke, if we had the time to practise and played more often anyone could get those 80 points.

We would urge other girls to give it a go ... it might not seem like your cup of tea and you might be sick to the back teeth of your boyfriend playing it but you might just have found a new hobby.

Iain Bradley was asked to make a comment on our performance: 'Average at best' ... thanks Iain.

CODette's over and out. LYYB.

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