Thursday, 1 December 2011

10 ‘things’ women need in their lives

Every month Gemma and I have our monthlies, it’s an opportunity for your LYYB creators to take it in turns to share some valuable, reliable and thought provoking ideas with you, as a coin toss in the LYYB underbelly has determined I Emma Davies am writing our first time of the month *stands for applause.

So here it is …

Ten ‘things’ women need in their lives

As women we need to be prepared for everything, I genuinely believe as modern creatures you need to have certain ‘things’ in your life that make it easier, glamorous and practical.
Ladies here are my top ten:
1.   ‘The Back Up Dress’ – the back-up dress is a reliable garment that you can count in times of ‘I have nothing to wear’ moments, this can be worn dressed up and down. You know you’ve found it when you put it on and no matter what you feel at least a few million quid.
2.   Diary – We ladies are busier and more productive than ever so we need to stay up-to-date with everything from dentist appointments to nights in the pub, electronic or hand written a diary is a diary, plus side is if it’s on your phone you’ll receive handy little reminders, but let’s all keep one so we know where we’re at.
3.   Skinny Jeans – I don’t care whether you’re an 8 or 18 skinny jeans should be every ladies best friend, they are perfect for making any outfit look splendid not to mention how sexy we look in them (excellent bum lifting skills).
4.   Music to our ears – We all need some ‘out’ time during a day my quick solution to this is having music at your finger tips, fill a music storage device to brim with your favourite tunes and shut yourself out.
5.   Statement shoes – Don’t be turned off by heels, you would be surprised what a sensational pair of shoes will do to your confidence (excellent bum lifting skills).
6.   Good Products – don’t scrimp on products, if you can get away with 99p hairspray great but if you’re anything like me you need to pull out the big guns to get your hair, face and the rest under control.
7.   Twitter – to tweet or not to tweet, the answer is use twitter ladies, twitter can bring you closer to integral news, the weather and excellent events, you don’t have to follow the cast of Eastenders or Peter Andre, used correctly twitter is an excellent networking tool.
8.   Bling – I maintain that jewellery on us girls is just simply exquisite and it’s time we cracked out the good stuff and showed it off. Bling makes and breaks outfits ... we don’t want you going out looking like Goldie Lookin’ Chain.
9.   Good Book – Ugh read I hear you say, YES you hear me cry, reading is good for many reasons, escapism, education and would you believe a good book has got me out of many an awkward scenario (trust me!!)
10.  Excellent Undies – no excuses you should know what bra size you are Gok, Trinnie and Susanna have been telling you for years, so sort your undies out girls.

So ten things that you probably already knew about and have knocking around, time to dust them off and use them to their full potential.

Happy time of the month ...


Emma’s time of the month …

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