Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Un-conventional Dating Game

The LYYB co-founders are both single (get your violins at the ready) they’ve been dateless for months, tragically spending nights alone and contemplating purchasing flannel pyjamas.

LYYB has had enough of their tragic ways, so we sent them on a few rather un-conventional dating tasks, we know for a fact Emma has had many problems with Internet dating and we know that Gemma has had many a knock back from misleading blind dates ... but how will our ladies fair when we ask them to push the boundaries on the single scene ... can any of these crazy, insane and potentially dangerous tasks lead them to boyfriends? Or will we be seeing their faces on the 10 o’clock news?

At LYYB we have decided that in modern life Internet dating, speed dating and blind dates are all pretty ‘conventional’ dating methods, we know that in busy times people struggle to socially meet each other without being wasted in a night club or at work.
We’ve set our two single ladies three tasks that could result in potential dates ... *crosses fingers*

No 1: The sign
The sign as stated consists of advertising the LYYB ladies in the windows of the official LYYB motor.

Emma: I didn’t imagine this would work and quite frankly it didn’t I’m sure selling a car in this way works because the sign is attached to the goods your selling. No takers for me using this technique. Hilarious stares though.

Gemma: I think this could have worked if we hadn’t done this on a Sunday when all the old farts (who don't have a clue what a BBM is ) are out doing there Christmas shopping. I think if we had done our research and driven around and parked in a place where hot men are ie. a rugby club and maybe put our phone numbers on it then we would have had more punters. Definitely worth doing again.

No 2: The Roulette
The Mission was to find boyfriends or potential dates via chatroulette ... would the LYYB ladies find love or find genitals galore.

Emma: This is a dangerous game, mainly male body parts on show, I don’t think this is the place to find dates, especially as you’re thrown in with people from all over the world, but you can meet some interesting people here and have conversations of an intellectual nature ... or get your bits out if you fancy.

Gemma: Chatroulette is a great pick me up.  if you want to be flattered and feel sexy this is the place you want to go. Although its easy to get a guys attention and ask them on a date, the lads you are talking to are half way across the world and just want to see some naughtiness.

No 3: The Advertisement
When you’re single don’t you always joke ‘maybe I should just have a massive sign and an arrow pointing at me that says single’ ... well that’s what your LYYB ladies did ...

Emma: Out of all three challenges this was the one where I genuinely thought ‘this could work’ I know on several occasions I’ve joked about this very task ... sadly ... it didn’t work, the worst part is I found myself angling my sign towards men who would walk past with girlfriends like ‘take me home instead ... I’m free’, I think this could work though ... if you had all day and pepper spray to get rid of any weirdos that cross your path!!

Gemma: Like Emma said we started ‘angling’ our signs to certain men however, it scared them off. I think if we were to set up a ‘stand’ in the middle of town where people could come and apply to be our boyfriends this would have been more successful.  I am a bit gutted we didn’t get any dates but to be honest who would actually approach some crazy girls, holding signs asking to be her boyfriend?? NONE. Ok well  maybe some weirdos … but not any tall dark handsome prince charmings that we want to live happily ever after with.

I think what our LYYB ladies are saying is maybe sticking to conventional methods is best … especially if weirdos are involved.

At least Gemma and Emma can say they tried these crackers methods.
One day they’ll find some yummy men to take them off our hands but until then at least they have each other … (sad but true)


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  1. this is hilarious, I can't believe you actually stood in Queensgate! lol, loving it, good for you both xx

  2. The girls are still single, anyone want to take them out on a date? LYYB x