Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Anything you can do, we can do better 'Changing a Tyre'

This is the 'anything you can do, we can do better' challenge, the idea is that a man, bloke, gentleman or male (whatever you wish to call them) challenges your LYYB co-creators to a 'manly' task, something which ordinarily a guy reckons us ladies are un-capable of completing.

This is a simple idea yes? Said man throws a mission our way with set rules and an invigilator to make sure we pass the test in the correct way and we then write you an amusing account.

In the end we tell you what our consensus is ... did we do it better than a man.

Although some may say changing a tyre is ‘easy’ that’s because all men say it ... hence this challenge ... so this month the LYYB ladies have to change a tyre dressed like girls (we know they are already girls but what we mean is in heels!!)

This month invigilator/challenger was the fantastic and ever so manly Julian Moore what a hero.

Here are the guide lines:

  1. Must be complete within 30 minutes.
  2. Remove tyre completely
  3. Put tyre back on

Sounds simple right? Lets see how they got on!

Emma:  You think this would be easy, WRONG. Jumping up and down on your car to remove some bolts in heels is hard work, not to mention getting covered in grease, freezing your lady garden off and pulling un-attractive faces whilst using your lack of strength. I thought at many stages during this challenge we weren’t going to complete it, anyone who says changing a tyre for the first time is easy hasn’t done it. Safe to say I could change a tyre again if need be, I think it’s a useful skill if you drive. I felt a massive sense of achievement once we’d completed the task it was such a rush. I felt like a true manly man.

Gemma: I didn’t have a clue about how to change a tyre so the whole experience was a huge learning curve for me. I am definitely proud that we did it and kept our femininity. Doing it in heels seems silly it actually helped while squatting at the tyre it helped our posture and gave us a great work out for our thighs. Although we proved girls can do it to, its still not going to stop me from ringing a male member of my family or batting my eyelashes and smiling nicely at the side of the road, when I do need to get my tyre changed.

Top Tyre Changing Tips From LYYB:

Tyre kit for ladies: Our LYYB advice is keep these things in your car just in case; something to kneel on, gloves, baby wipes, hand sanitiser, make sure you have the correct tools in your boot (Emma found out she didn’t have a jack in her car!!) and multiple types of shoes just in case. chocolate as a little pick me up to say ‘well done’ for changing your own tyre.

Invigilator comments: Top Banana …

So the general consensus is ...

Of course ladies can change tyres as well as any man can ... we do have to be shown how and patients is key. Remember practise makes perfect, have a little run through, you wouldn’t want to be stuck on the roadside without a hope.

Maybe we’ll start an all female breakdown service ...

LYYB to the rescue!
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  1. lol, absolutely loved it, especially the hair shot Emma, xxxx

  2. Great slideshow and photo's - who took them? ;) The music made me want to go and ride a horse, black beauty style! Xx

  3. First time you drove the car after you'd had the tyre on and off - on a scale of 1-10 how scared were you that the wheel would come flying off on the parkway?

  4. Emma still thinks the tyre could come off at any moment! When it happens (we're sure it will) we'll let you know!

  5. Good work. As with all things, it's easy if you know how and have done it before