Wednesday, 2 May 2012

May Ask A Chap/Bird - Technology

LYYB has been pondering over something rather rude this month... we’re aware last month we asked you about your personal foliage but this time round we’re thinking more technological. The majority of humans on this earth have a mobile phone, access to the internet and potentially/extremely likely to both. We know from previous interrogation that our LYYB readers love a bit of filth... so what with you all having these technological capabilities what we require of you this month is simple. Do you use your mobile phones, social networking profiles, skype and any other type of technology to get your kicks? We’re not talking porn, we’re talking sexting, cyber sex or good old fashioned webcam action... do you dirty lot reckon these advances have made our sex lives more exciting? or more drab? Has opening this new can of sexual worms meant that we’ve normalised sex into our everyday lives because it’s always only a text or an email away? Are these new technology forms taking over from actual sex?

To give you guys a little inspiration here is our favourite Avenue Q song...


  1. I think using technology at one’s disposal to make sex interesting is a generally speaking a good thing. It encourages people to be creative and to put their ideas to work in the best possible way. Afterall, why put up with industrial Californian porn, when you can create your own celluloid masterpiece for example?

    Of course there are risks involved. The interwebs are awash with homemade ‘ex-gf’ flicks posted by very sad guys who are out for revenge, thus justifying the actions of the women who dumped them in the first place. But it goes back to the same rules that have always existed around sex: the importance of mutual consent, trust and decent manners. That and making sure that one’s dirty texts and emails go to the right people…

    I have been in front of and behind the lens, and it certainly does add a different dimension to dirty fun. It’s also a good way of overcoming any fears you might have regarding appearance or shape. It further claws back sex as something that’s for everyone and not just for the perfectly beautiful.

    Oh, and for the ladies out there, a piece of advice. If a guy films you giving him a blowjob, there is a good chance that he will show the footage to his mates. All I’m saying is think twice before saying ‘yes’ and spare a thought for poor Tulisa.

  2. I agree with the above comment. I think when it comes to sex technology has literally moved us on in leaps and bounds. I think modern technology has sparked a sexual revolution of sorts.

    We can now all have sexual contact with each other 24/7 no matter where we are.

    I think although this has it's plus sides, I think as previously stated you have to be careful who you trust with your most private photography and video clips... you can almost guarantee people are showing them off, especially when they're a click away.