Monday, 2 April 2012

Ask a Chap/Bird - April Body Issues

As all of our April articles are about ‘body issues’ we thought perhaps our Ask a Chap/Bird question could somehow tie in nicely. LYYB has a rather personal question... to shave or not to shave? Yes we mean down there... and yes gents we mean you too! It’s come to LYYB’s attention that when it comes to body hair it’s not just ladies who have it in all different shapes and sizes... we know through scientific research *cough cough* that men do all sorts of strange and wonderful things down there to, the question is chaps and birds what’s acceptable or does it really depend on the person? When it comes to first encounters is it better to have too much or too little? Do you wax, shave or pluck? We’re interested...


  1. Only this morning I shaved everything below my eyebrows.

  2. Stephanie Murphy2 April 2012 at 12:55

    I love this question because I've been through so many hairstyle changes down there.
    I used to shave, and make pretty patterns sometimes, but a few years ago, I decided to keep shaving and just go with a landing strip. Then when I got into a serious relationzzz, I decided that shaving was become annoying, and so I just dived headfirst into ringlet-growing...
    Just kidding...
    I bought GiGi Home Brazilian Waxing Kit and honestly... after around 4 hours of awkward positions, and tea breaks, I actually came out with a beautiful soft smooth foofie! It's so great because even though it's SO messy, it gets out every hair.
    My boyfriend said since I did it, he loves going down on me even more, and as well as being a god send because I'm not in the shower shaving everything off every two days like I used to, the lack of hair follicles has heightened my sensitivity down there and my sexual experience.
    My boyfriend shaves his, and I love when he does because it feels great on the tongue and lips, but also makes his package look bigger and juicier than ever. With his apadravya piercing as well, it looks like a grade A, pornstar penis. LOVE EVERY MINUTE.

  3. On a guy I think less is best, I'm not saying totally shaven, but I think shaved is hot. I think Steph has the right idea.

    I'm not fussed what I do with my own, depends on what the guy wants... let's just say I'm open hahaha.

  4. As a guy, I like having hair around my genitals. It is surprisingly soft to touch, caress and a nice part of foreplay- particularly when I’m with someone. I have however shaved it all off once just to see what it felt like. BIG mistake. Not only did it feel rather creepy, it was also rather irritable as it grew back. Not sexy and definitely not a good look.

    I must say I do prefer it if a woman does have hair ‘down there’. I love to stroke her pubic hair and tug on it during cunnilingus. I don’t mind if it’s unkempt, trimmed or cultivated into a shape, as long as it’s not a ‘Brazilian’. You might as well just get of all of it then. Not that I particularly object when a woman goes for a ‘Hollywood’.

    I’m not sure if women feel they are pressured in some way to go bare, but if that’s the case then I find it to be one of the sad aspects of the ‘pornification’ of sex. I find that one would have to be rather pathetic to object to having sex with someone just because of how much hair they have below the waistline.

    It is one of the bits of the human body that one can be very creative with without doing any real damage (and it’ll grow back if you so wish). So if you do want to do something a little different, try it!

  5. Generally my preference for my ladies is trimmed or less. No one likes hair in your teeth and when you're having some "down time" you don't want to be coming back up with any bits.

    For myself I've tried completely shaved and just trimmed and it didn't bother me either way. I know a few ladies who prefer baldness and it does make the chap look a little bigger (not that it needs it of course - cough).

    In a week or so I will be having a charity body wax, including my bits and they have offered to give me a landing strip.....maybe not

  6. For ladies, I think less is better. My personal preference is for there to be none at all, much more pleasant to touch and to go down on, but I can understand why not every girl would want to go to such lengths.

    For me, I started trimming it back a while ago, and I found that I preferred it that way, for my own comfort as much as anything else, though my girlfriend also appreciated it!

  7. i like the ladies to be pretty much hairless and as im a true gent, it would be rude to expect that and not shave myself, so i go bald.

  8. I shave it all off, I actually feel unclean if I'm not completely smooth... I wish I had the willpower to let it grow long enough for me to get a wax but its just too much waiting!!

    As for my man... I like him trimmed... I need something there to show he is a man! although I will NOT tolerate hair on the chest on my man... and I like him to have trimmed armpits too....

  9. Even though I'm single and my "Myfanwy" gets very little visitors I still like to keep it trim and looking presentable. I guess it comes down to the age old "in case you get hit by a bus" excuse. Sadly I'm trim down under but my underwear hardly ever that one out!

    As far as a man goes, trimmed hair is good. My last experience was a bit shocking because he had hardly anything there! I like a man to look like a man! However shaved balls are amazing and a lot of fun too ;)

  10. There was a young man from Southend,
    Who didn't like pubes on his bellend,
    He trimmed them back,
    And shaved his crack,
    And then he was set for the weekend.

    When it comes to women and there minge,
    there is something that makes me cringe,
    When there's too much hair,
    I won't go down there,
    But if you tidy up I won't winge.

  11. I like my ladies with a full bush. I like to bury my head between their legs and feel that lovely comfy hair against my face!